5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Century Laminates in Your Dream Home

Home is the place where all hopes, love, and dreams begin. It’s a place where you must feel safe and comfortable. Each space and corner in your home must make you feel relaxed. Almost everyone has some imaginary picture of how they want their dream home to look. For so many people, it’s a dream to make their home beautiful, comfortable, and aesthetic.

If you want to make your home look amazing and aesthetic, this article will highlight some ways to incorporate laminates into your home decor. Moreover, we will try to understand where laminates can be used and how to choose the right laminates matching with your home aesthetic.

Advantages of incorporating laminates in your home decor

Starting up with the advantage of using laminates in your home decor. Laminates are no doubt very versatile and come in different types. It includes glossy, matte, and finish laminates. These laminates are smooth and waterproof. It comes in a variety of designs and colours as well.

Some other advantages are as follows:

  1. These surfacing materials come in laminate sheets of a standard length and width of 8 x 4.
  2. Laminates are clean, smooth, and easy to maintain.
  3. These are scratch-proof, waterproof, and stay for decades.
  4. Available in different types, from glossy laminates to matte finish laminates, suitable for interior work.

Where can laminates be used?

Laminates are perfect for your home decor because of their durability and other factors.
In your dream home, laminates can be used to make furniture, wardrobes, kitchen cupboards and decoration purposes as well.
However, always use top-brand laminates when using it for the kitchen and bathroom.

Choose the right laminates matching with your home’s aesthetic

As mentioned above, always look for the best quality laminates from a trusted manufacturer. Speaking about how to choose the perfect laminates for your home decor. A few things need to be kept in mind.

  1. Based on the home decor theme.
  2. Based on your budget
  3. Based on where it will be used.

5 simple ways to incorporate century laminates in your home

  1. Laminates for your wardrobe:

Wardrobes play a very important role in our house. Every room has wardrobes. So, why keep your wardrobe simple when it can look classy and aesthetic? There are numerous patterns and designs with colours to go for wardrobe laminates.

  1. Laminates for the kitchen:

Laminates are best for your kitchen. The entire look of the kitchen can be changed by using different types of laminates. For instance, making counter chairs and tables, keeping wallpaper as the background, and so more.

  1. Virokill technology for your home:

Choose laminates with virokill technology for your home to keep your space free from viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This technology has a polymer matrix system of laminate, which helps in preventing any sort of virus from coming in contact with the surfaces.

  1. Color fastness:

Most of the laminates fade with time. That’s why it’s important to go for century laminates. They are equipped with a special tissue overlay layer, ultimately keeping colourful laminates to stay for a long time.

  1. Make your dining area the main attraction:

The dining area is where family or guest members spend time together. So, this area of your home must be the main attraction. The use of decorative laminates can change the whole look of your dining room. In addition, you are getting a show-stopper, royal-looking room with CenturyLaminates.


Now that you know some ways to incorporate your home with laminates. And know how to choose the right laminates to match your home decor and on what basis. You might have understood how hygiene and safety are important nowadays. And a house must be a clean and safe place from all sorts of issues. This all can be possible with Lucida laminates by CenturyLaminates. Lucida laminates will keep the surface safe and easy to clean.