A Buying Guide for Golf Putter from Golf Shop Woodmead

The golf putter is one of the private golf clubs that a golfer usually carries in their bag. Choosing one comes down to personal preferences and selecting the one that is right and looks beautiful to your eye. Various shapes, weights, alignments, and other variables exist in the putter market, and it all depends on the subjective decision of the golfer. When the matter is about selecting a short stick, this buying guide will assist you while considering your chosen alignment, the shape of the head, length, hosels, face, and shafts.

On the green golf field in Golf shop Woodmead, the putter assists you in feeling the ball. Since the speed and the depth and find out the shot line. It is one of the clubs in your bag that you use maximum. So, you must get one that matches the mechanics of your master stroke. That is not an easy proposition, as present-day putters are available in various lengths, weights, shapes, and alignments for your game.

Here are a few considerations that you should keep in mind while buying your Scotty Cameron putters:

  • Length of the Putter: The putter’s height greatly impacts your stroke. You will be thrown off the putting line when you pick up the wrong size. Most putters range from 32 -52 inches and are designed to keep your eyes on the ball. The putter’s shaft must fall neatly in alignment with the forearm when you are in your addressing position. It is common for all golfers to select putters that are very long for their game. If you are grasping your standard-size putter below the grip, you must opt for a short-length shaft. Similarly, if you have lower back pain from a stroke, it is now time to try a long putter. So, how can you select the right length for your putter:
  • Go to your address position.
  • Allow your arms to hang on naturally.
  • Let someone measure right from the ground to above the top of your hands. This is the length of the putter’s shaft. Face balanced and toe balanced: The former is good for a straight back and straight-through stroke because they help keep the clubface square through the impact. When the shaft is properly balanced, the putter face direction is up. Similarly, the toe-balanced putters mainly complement an arced putting stroke by squaring the clubface at impact. The toe drops and angles toward the ground when the shaft becomes balanced.
  • Other features of putters: Some insert putters are made with composite inserts made up of soft material than the club head. These inserts help in promoting a good feeling and a smooth roll. In addition, the insert is present in the putter’s face, which clearly defines the sweet spot for the golfer.
  • Perimeter-weighted Putters: These are exclusively forgiving with a design that mainly distributes the weight across the edges. These putters help in offering a large sweet spot as the perimeter weighing assists in stabilizing against all mishits.

Now that you have a good idea, it’s easy to pick up the right Scotty Cameron putter for your game.