Famous Rapper Kanye West Announced His Termination of Collaboration with GAP

Kanye West, known popularly for his collaboration with Yeezy GAP collections, finally ended his partnership on Thursday, with the worldwide American retailer. The unfulfilled compliances with the GAP stores led the West to terminate his long-ending partnership and his conditional obligations that were a failure in their venture. Kenye West, Ye, the famous American rapper, was dissatisfied with the GAP, as his vision of promoting the Yeezy brand and making it a trend amongst the people along with the collaboration of GAP was not aligned.

Ye was left with no other option than to send a breach-of-contract notice to the GAP as he was not fulfilling the terms asked by the hip-hop star to sell his Yeezy products in their stores. West is now planning to run his own stores for Yeezy apparel after his dispute with GAP to bring forward his ideas and give them a namesake. Kanye West is now also in the limelight for his personal life with Kim Kardashian, who is getting separated and is now deciding to co-parent. He never left out his life without controversies, whether it is his personal life or a professional one. He remains stuck with new contentions every time and is a frequent source of news in the media.

West not only left his contract with GAP, before in 2013, Ye had a difference with Nike as he collaborated with Nike for the promotion of Yeezy shoes but as the Yeezy sales exploded, Ye felt undervalued with Nike but as Nike did not accept his idea completely, Adidas came forward and offer, West, a royalty of 15% on his Yeezy shoes along with promotional marketing fee. In his interview with CNBC, West announced his terminating partnership with GAP stating that, “A king has to make his own castle instead of living in someone else’s castle”.