How Long Does Solar Power Battery Bank Last?

There are a few points that decide the duration of your solar power battery bank will last work, like the capacity of the battery, how frequently power is drawn, duration of battery discharge, and overall performance.

During past research, it shows that 7 out of 10 solar battery buyers are supposed to add a battery to their solar installations. These things make sure solar batteries receive excess power generated by your solar panels and are stored and used up at dark nights while there is no power alternative available.

At Fire Mountain Solar, we understand that having a reliable and efficient solar power system is very crucial and that’s why we’ve created this article to enlighten you about the best solar power battery bank and how long it will last after charging, and its overall lifespan.
What factors affect solar battery life?

Solar Battery Usage

The life expectancy of a solar battery is usually determined by its usage cycles. Fortunately, a good number of solar batteries are usually deep cycle batteries, which enables them to discharge around 80 percent of their stored energy before recharging.

Types of Solar Battery


For many years, these batteries have been used in the off-grid solar system. The life of a solar batter is very short and has a lower depth of discharge, buy they are very low in price.


These are the best batteries to use for solar energy storage as they are lighter, compact, and have a longer lifespan when compared to lead-acid batteries.


These are eco-friendly batteries as they don’t have heavy metals but instead depend on saltwater electrolytes. However, these batteries are not fully tested and new technology.

Solar Battery Temperature

With regard to your location, where you set up your battery storage system at home can make a big difference. This is because your battery device should be installed at an optimal temperature to maximize its life and efficiency.

Solar Battery Maintenance

Good maintenance is also required if you want your solar power battery bank to last and perform at an optimal level. Clean your batteries the right way using a mixture of baking soda and distilled water utilizing a battery terminal cleaner brush.

How Long Does a Solar Battery Last?

The age of a solar battery is about between 5 to 15 years. Therefore, if you set up a solar battery today, you will very likely have to change it at least once in order to match the 25 to 30 years lifespan of your solar panels. In addition, the manner in which you maintain your solar batteries will have a great impact on their lifespan as proper maintenance will mean an increased lifespan.

How long can a home battery power my home when there is a power outage?

Typically, a home battery can power your home endlessly, when paired with solar panels. Your home receives power from solar panels while there is no electricity, after recharging itself during day time.

Without solar panels, the duration of power will change depending on the size of your battery and how much energy you utilize. Most of the time, we advise homeowners to size their system to offer at least 12 hours of backup power.

Can I use a solar-powered water pump system with solar power battery backup?

Yes, you can. Though, many people prefer to acquire holding tanks where they store water during sunny days and use it later on non-sunny days. But with a solar power battery bank, you can store excess energy produced by the best solar-powered water pump in the batteries and use it during non-sunny days. Note that this is more costly than the later but it still can be very effective and it can allow you to water plants in the evening or early morning before the sun rises or sets.


With the right solar power battery bank, you will be able to store excess energy produced by your solar PV system and use it when no electricity is being generated. When you get a quality solar battery, you will be able to store more energy but you should as well as maintain it and use it at the right temperatures to prolong its life.

If you don’t know how to pick the right solar power battery bank for your solar power system, speak with one of our solar experts at FM solar and get a free quote.