How to Meditate to Get Back Peace of Mind!!

“Quiet the Mind and Your Soul Will Speak”, A famous proverb that refers to Meditating every day to connect yourself to a higher self!!

Meditation is the only way to attain serenity, relaxation of mind, body and soul in one go. The question that arises is How to Meditate and what is the best time to Meditate??

Meditation begins with controlling your mind and that is quite challenging as it requires you to sit for hours with no thoughts in mind, – known as the “Dhyana” technique.

Meditation helps to get you a mood boost along with a healthy body system as well as a healthy lifestyle that leads to a lot of happiness and success ahead with the inner peace of soul.

Our mind has a gridlock traffic that has a number of colliding thoughts and it is not possible to avoid all the thoughts and have a completely blank mind, as this is what everybody thought meditation is!

No need to erase all the thoughts from your mind. JUST SIT, RELAX AND FOCUS ON WHAT YOUR MIND WANTS TO CONNECT WITH YOUR SOUL, this is what meditation is.

Observe your inner world and find out where your actual happiness lies?

Meditation is considered a spiritual solace for your peace of mind that can be empowered in different ways. Some of the techniques of Meditation that gives you a different level of mental clarity, control over your emotions are:

Mindfulness meditation: Meditation that gives you an enhanced ability to regulate your emotions, reduces your stress and anxiety. It is a process of self-construction and self-understanding.

Calming Meditation: This Meditation practice relieves you to a peaceful state of mind where your focus is set on a particular object like mantras, visualization of a thing, or even a single physical object or any sensation in your body can make you feel calm and soothing.

Spiritual Meditation: It connects your inner self in the depths and makes you realize who you actually are. It just lights up your way of living life.

Meditation is not an education to be taught, it’s a self-learning session for your own self.