Inside Delta Air Lines and Issa Rae’s Travel-Inspired Fashion Show

Issa Rae is a writer, comedian, and actress best known for her work on the HBO Max series Rap Sh!t as well as her performances in the films Insecure and Vengeance.

She has produced a Delta Air Lines show for Los Angeles Fashion Week, which is being recreated by N4XT Experiences, and is now sort of a fashion curator.

To highlight apparel for the contemporary jet setter, Rae chose six independent fashion brands, ranging from a shoe company to swimwear. She gave them to Delta Air Lines yesterday night at the airport hangar at Advanced Airlines in Hawthorne, California.

The goal of my partnership with Delta’s Air Lines, Delta campaign, according to Issa Rae, “goes beyond just displaying the travel-inspired collections from these six distinctive, creative designers.”

Rae told the audience last night why she wanted to bring these limited-edition garments and accessories from six companies she was proud to support. “It’s a joy to spend time with them,” she told the audience. From China to Ghana, New York City to Miami, these designers drew inspiration for everything they created from their personal journeys across the globe. Let’s see what sort of ideas you get from them.

Among the labels are the trendy Ember Niche Eyewear, Oyster Clothing, Ponto Shoes, Ana Mero Swim, Cadence Accessories, and Classic Six Capsule Wardrobes.

It’s crucial for designers to think creatively, notably Ana Mero, the designer of Ana Mero Swim. Designing for inclusion differs greatly from including it, according to Mero. It is critical to empower and involve everyone in a field of expression like fashion. To jointly make a difference, we confront the industry and push that narrative.

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