Is Buying Your Car Lease Right For You?

It’s easy to get connected to the vehicle you lease If the time comes, might worry about the day that you must return keys. A loan for car lease purchase could be a great option.

For many car owners who lease their cars, the expiration of the lease on a car can mean saying goodbye to the car you’ve always loved and signing the new lease. There is a second alternative to consider – purchasing lease-purchase. The auto loan that you lease allows you to get honda civic lease $59 and buy the vehicle you currently drive with the company that is providing the lease at a set cost.

Do you find it fascinating? Here’s what you should learn about leasing.

Check your Lease

Begin by reviewing your initial lease to figure out what it will cost you to purchase your vehicle. The lease must include the residual value or the cost of the purchase option. If you choose to keep the car you’ll be required make payments for the remainder of the amount, in addition to any appropriate taxes as well as Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) fees. Additionally, you can pay an administrative charge that is determined by the business that is providing the lease to cover the cost of the deal.

Remember that based on the model, make and the specifics of your lease, your vehicle could be worth more or less than the residual value in the marketplace. Residual value:

● It is based on the previous prices of sales for the particular model and make.
● It’s a sign of the popularity of the vehicle. A model or make that is popular usually has a higher residual cost.
● It is not usually negotiable.

Perform a lookup on used car websites such as, or Kelley Blue Book ( to find out how your lease price is compared to the market.

Three Key Considerations When Purchasing a Lease

If you’re satisfied with the residual value of your car, you should ask yourself if the other elements of the deal are suitable for you:

● Have I violated the terms in the agreement on mileage? If you’ve exceeded the limits of mileage on the lease, you may be subject to penalties for mileage that could be added up when your lease comes to an end. For instance, if you go over the mileage limit in your contract by 10,000 miles you may incur a fine of up to $2500. This is money that can be used to pay for the purchase of the lease.

● Does the vehicle appear to be in good working order? When you return the car for inspection, it will be checked. While leasing companies generally allow for minor blemishes due to regular use, anything additional wear and tear could cost you. The cost could range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

● What is the cost of maintenance? Look up independent studies like Edmunds The Real Cost to Own (r) reports , for your specific make and model. Take into consideration these cost of running costs when deciding to buy or lease your car.

Consider your Payment Options

If you do not have enough cashto cover the purchase, you’ll need to finance. You could be able to finance your purchase with the loan of the bank or a different financing company in lieu of the dealer’s financing services. Similar to any loan it’s best to search around for the most favorable interest rate and the best terms. Be aware it is that the annual percent rate (APR) for a lease-purchase loan will typically be more expensive than a brand new automobile purchase. Think about the duration you’d like for the loan A short-term loan will have more monthly payments, however the benefit is lower interest rates for the course of the loan. The term typically ranges between 36 and 72 months.

To assist you in comparing loans, check out the Bank of America car loan calculator. It will allow you to find out the way that different loans, amounts, APRs and terms affect the amount you pay each month. Also, make sure you study the basics of the mechanics of car loans .

Final Deal

If you decide to get a loan for lease purchase from an institution like a bank or another finance source, then you will initially need to contact the business that is providing the lease to verify the procedure for ending the lease. Then the loan officers of your lender can assist you in determining the amount of loan according to your lease and then work with the business that provided the lease to make the purchase. If you are financing in this manner it is likely that you will be accountable for paying any outstanding charges to the DMV.

Once you’ve figured out what the process of acquiring a car lease involves, it’s much more straightforward to make a choice that is in line with your budget and lifestyle and maybe even purchase that dream vehicle that you’re currently driving.

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