Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde Criticise Former Nanny’s “False and Scurrilous” Charges

Together, Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde have responded to allegations made by their former nanny on the specifics of their divorce.

“Her horrible campaign of tormenting us, as well as loved ones, close acquaintances, and coworkers, has reached an unfortunate culmination,” read the statement’s final line. We shall keep putting our efforts into safeguarding and raising our kids in the earnest hope that she will now decide to leave us alone.

The statement from Wilde and Sudeikis comes after the ex-nanny couple’s said in an interview that the “Ted Lasso” actor was so unhappy about the relationship that he laid beneath Wilde’s car to prevent her from visiting Styles after learning of the relationship from emails found on an Apple Watch.

The nanny further asserted that Sudeikis prohibited any employees from playing Styles music at home. According to accounts, she worked for the family for more than three years.

In February 2021, the unnamed caregiver claimed Sudeikis dismissed her; however, a representative for Wilde told the newspaper that Wilde opted to quit rather than face termination.

The nanny told the source, “I sympathise with Jason because I lived with him and saw him every day. We had a lot of nice times, but the terrible times were incredibly bad.”

Despite the documents being made available to the public, a judge rejected Sudeikis’ request to keep the kids in New York in August and ordered them to be sent back to California. Apparently, the document was signed on August 5..

Wilde and the “One Direction” hunk started dating in 2020 after they met on the set of “Don’t Worry Darling.” They grew closer while working on the project, and in January 2021, they attended Styles’ manager Jeff Azoff’s wedding together, announcing their romance to the world.