Queen Elizabeth II: The Royal Monarch

Queen Elizabeth II, crowned in 1952, with the longest reign in British Monarch took her last breath on 08th Sep.2022 and the whole world is left mourning with broken hearts. She was the first monarch who took over the throne after India was set free from British rule and she led the country like a gem. Not only the United Kingdom, but even the whole of India is mourning her demise and will pay her a dignitary tribute this Sunday morning.

She was a royal monarch who observed the real beauty of India and commended India’s Richness & Diversity culture. Talking about her sovereignty, her legacy in Britain transformed a devastated & declining imperial power into modern culture and brought the pace of change in the nation.

The queen led her country to development without getting into political views and well played her role as a constitutional monarch. She will be remembered for providing inspiring leadership and for bringing an era of modernization to her nation. India’s honorable Prime minister, Narendra Modi, stated on her demise that “She will be remembered as a stalwart of our times” and showed his grief to her family and people in this tough time. To pay her final tribute, she will be saluted with 96-gun fire rounds, marking her respect for each year for her legacy till she was born. The whole world and the whole social media is flooded with Queen Elizabeth II, showing the love and respect for her as a dignitary remark.

Now, with the death of the queen, her son, King Charles has conquered the throne and is declared to be the new king of the United Kingdom.