Sympathy and Funeral Flowers to Send to the Hospital

When your loved one is a bit under the weather, one of the nicest things you can do for them is send them an uplifting and vibrant bouquet of gorgeous flowers to make them feel a little better. This beautiful gesture of yours will convey much-needed love, hope, and encouragement to your dear one.


Peonies are the elegant blooms of the spring. If you are considering conveying your sincere emotions to a loved one in the hospital, peonies should be at the top of your list. They are going to look truly stunning near the hospital table and will instill a sense of healing energies in the room. Peonies are considered an expression of best wishes, joy, and goodwill. These flowers are perfect to send to your friends, family members, and even coworkers. Blush pink, cream, and white are some of the best colors you can choose for your peony bouquet.


The vibrant and cheerful daisies are another wonderful choice when sending good wishes to a loved one in the hospital, and is one of the most popular sympathy flowers in Southport NC. The most commonly preferred are the white daisies, however, you can also choose some of the brighter options like the gerbera daisies. These multi-colored blooms look incredibly fresh and pleasant in the room. They’re also extremely long-lasting so even when your loved one has gotten better, they will still have these flowers blooming in their room.


During sickness, everything feels so dull and gloomy. Moreover, the hospital’s scent and atmosphere can take a toll on the patient’s health. In such a situation, the best way to lighten up your loved one’s mood is by giving them a bunch of garden-fresh irises! These enchanting blooms represent hope, joy, and faith. They are assured to instill a sense of belief and encouragement in the recipient. For your flower arrangement, you can choose from various colors including blue, purple, white, and yellow. The best thing about these flowers is that they look lovely on their own or you can also go for a mixed floral arrangement including iris. Wild by Nature is a popular Southport NC flower shop that offers delivery straight to the hospital.


Hydrangeas may not be the first name to come to your mind when thinking of sending flowers to the hospital. Nonetheless, they’re equally appropriate and look truly spectacular! These fluffy blooms are a symbol of perseverance and therefore they make a great choice for get-well-soon gifts. You can go with a cut floral arrangement or a potted plant of these beautiful blooms and send them to your dear one. The beauty of hydrangeas will certainly bring a smile to the recipient’s face and they will enjoy their company near their hospital bed. You can choose any color including pink, lavender, blue, white, or green.


Everyone’s favorite- Tulips! These are one of the most popular and beloved flowers that everyone is bound to appreciate. They are a delight to the eyes and look extremely beautiful and lively in any surrounding. Different colors of tulips represent different sentiments and almost all of them are appropriate for sending to the hospital. For instance, pink tulips are a symbol of caring, happiness, and good wishes whereas yellow tulips are sent to convey positive thoughts and good energies.

Flowers and plants are scientifically proven to be embedded with health benefits. If you are, however, still confused about which flowers to send, going with a Designer’s Choice Flower Arrangement is a good idea. So make sure to send a stunning bouquet to your loved one and wish them a speedy recovery!