Top 5 Ways to Help Your Tresses Stay Healthy and Strong

Healthy hair is the dream of almost all of us. When we have a head full of healthy hair, we feel content and happy from within. There are multiple ways in which one can attain healthy hair. It is absolutely important to maintain habits that contribute to the health of the hair as well as the body.

In this article, we shall discuss the multiple ways in which we can build up and maintain a healthy head of hair.

  1. A good and healthy diet: A good and healthy diet with all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins are essential to the maintenance of a healthy head of hair. There are multiple vitamins and minerals that are required for the health of hair. Either a deficiency or a surplus in these can cause hair loss or hair gain. Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, fatty acids, Biotin, etc are some of the minerals that can help and are essential in the maintenance and growth of hair. A lack of any of these vitamins could result in hair loss and hair damage. It could also result in the hair becoming prone to damage and also hair breakage.
  2. A proper and sufficient protein intake: It is very important to have an appropriate intake of protein in your diet when you are looking to maintain a healthy head of hair. Our hair is made up of proteins. If we do not supplement our diet with sufficient proteins then it can cause our hair to fall off and also become dry and brittle. People who have meat in their diet can quickly get their proteins from their food since meat is the best source of protein in our diet. However, people who do not indulge themselves in eating meat, tend to be at a loss for proteins. Hence, they can supplement their protein intake by resourcing other food or through protein supplement powders that are available in the market. In the new day and age, there are multiple options for protein supplements in our surroundings. People who consume dairy products can have cheese, cottage cheese, milk, etc for proteins.
  3. Using harmful chemicals: We apply a plethora of products on our scalp that are targeted for daily use. These products could be mild or could be moderate to strong with regards to the chemical content in them. Using harsh chemicals on our hair and scalp, can cause irreparable damage to the hair and scalp. People can always opt for mild hair products which are nature friendly and soft on the hair. There are different kinds of hair treatments that also make use of a lot of chemicals that contribute to damage to the hair. When one goes in for hair straightening, there are a lot of chemicals used for the straightening process. A lot of these chemicals can cause damage to the hair. It can lead to breakage and hair brittleness. Similarly, hair perming can also cause a lot of damage to the hair as it is also a process that uses a lot of chemicals. The hair can start to break off or become extremely fragile. Bleaching the hair is also a good example of chemicals causing hair damage. Bleaching can ruin the hair texture, cause hair to be brittle and dry, cause hair breakage and also ruin the scalp.
  4. Using heated hair appliances can cause hair damage: Heated appliances that are used on our hair can cause extreme hair damage. Too much heat on the hair can cause the hair to be burnt out. Heat can fry your hair and can make it extremely dry, brittle, and unmanageable. Even the look of the hair becomes very unhealthy and unruly after using heated appliances on the hair. Heated appliances like hair dryers (blow dryers), straightening appliances like hair straightening rods or hair curling rods, etc are appliances that can cause hair damage in the long run. They can make hair look extremely unnatural, dry, brittle, and unsavoury. When using such heated appliances, one should always keep the heat at a low frequency. One can also apply heat protectant serum while using such products. Such measures will always help in protecting the hair from damage. It is always best to let the hair air dry rather than using a blow dryer. It is also recommended to keep the hair as it is in its natural state. Rather than making them straight or curling them.
  5. Using the correct kind of comb or brushes on the hair: Usually, we do not pay attention to what we are using and how we are using when we are using a hair comb or a hair brush. We all must understand that the kind of hair comb or hair brush that we use can affect the health of our hair and either protect it or damage it. Especially when the hair is wet, it is always advisable to use a wide-toothed comb for detangling the knots and undoing the tangled hair. Using a hairbrush on such hair can cause damage. A comb is also more suitable for styling the hair rather than using a hair brush. Hair brushes can be used on dry hair for a soft brush. One should use them minimally and let the hair be. Wooden products are always more advisable than the plastic or nylon ones.

Many hair restoration clinics in India provide top-notch hair restoration services in the country and the world over. But, before you do zero down to any clinic, thorough research about doctors, technicians, skill, experience, results of previous patients, etc is a must.