Top Places to Visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. It’s a vibrant city that welcomes visitors to explore its history and charm. Amsterdam has many attractions and new experiences to offer. It is often called “Venice of the North” due to the sheer number of canals, and it is an absolute delight for tourists from all walks of life. This is more than the typical stereotype of Amsterdam’s cannabis cafes. It’s also home to Amsterdam’s famous red light district. This is a great place to visit as a vacation spot. It is a popular and worthy destination that will provide a memorable time for family and friends.

Straat Museum Amsterdam

Straat Museum, dedicated to street art and graffiti, is in Amsterdam’s NDSM wharf. The museum is located in an old shipyard warehouse (lasloods), which has a total of 8,000m2 gallery area. Get your tickets to the STRAAT Museum here.

This exhibition features 153 large-scale artworks by 140 artists representing 32 countries. These include both established and emerging talent. The museum attempts to answer whether street art can still qualify as street art if it is displayed inside. Each artist was invited to the museum by their respective artists to create their works on-site and offer their perspectives. This ensured authenticity. STRAAT Museum’s exhibition is set up like a city. Visitors can walk through the streets and intersections to see their street art. Straat Museum tickets allow you to explore the past and present of urban contemporary art through stunning solo and group exhibitions. Straat is an impressive addition to Amsterdam’s museum culture. This is a must-see for street art enthusiasts.

Body Worlds Amsterdam

Body Worlds Amsterdam will take you on a fascinating tour through the human body. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam features 200 natural plastinated bodies. This will show you everything you ever wanted to learn about your anatomy, how it affects your happiness, and vice versa.

The pursuit of happiness and love dominates our lives. But what determines whether we are delighted? What is the impact of joy on our bodies? BODY WORLDS – The Happiness Project investigates these questions across seven levels. The effects of our mood on our health can be seen in our bodies. Learn about the functions of the body from a different perspective. Take a stroll through the museum and see the various parts of it with Body Worlds Amsterdam tickets. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam is a unique opportunity to see the human body.

This is Holland

Fly over some of the most iconic Dutch locations in 5D. You will feel like a bird flying over the Netherlands, marveling at its beauty, diversity, and richness. You’re safe! This is Holland contains four shows, including the 9-minute Ultimate 5D Fly Experience. Pre-shows are in Dutch with English subtitles.

This is Holland uses the most recent technology to give you the feeling of flying. Amazing film images and stunning views of the Netherlands are displayed on a vast spherical screen. Book This is Holland tickets For the most fantastic flight experience over the Netherlands.

Jewish Historical Museum

Four redundant synagogues house the Jewish Historical Museum (Joods Hetorisch Museum). One of these synagogues is the Grote Synagogue. It dates back to 1670. An extensive collection of religious artifacts such as silver Torah containers, Torah robes, and decorated Torah headdresses are highlighted. Hangings and ceremonial canopies are also important (the white marble Holy Shrine is a particular highlight).

There is also an extensive library at the museum and a kosher eatery in the Obbene Sjoel. For details on the museum’s concert program, including candlelight performances by internationally acclaimed artists, visit their website.

The Begijnhof

The Begijnhof is a spot that tourists often overlook as they rush from one attraction to the next. This beautiful old part of Amsterdam is begging to be explored.

While most of the older homes are currently occupied, small lanes and paths still allow for public access. So don’t be afraid to roam freely, even though they may be occupied. The courtyards are surrounded by the oldest homes in Amsterdam, including the only wooden building from the 14th century.

Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo

Artis, Amsterdam’s “royal” zoo, is just five minutes away from the botanical gardens. This world-class attraction, founded in 1838, is one of Europe’s oldest zoos.

The aquarium features a wide range of animals from around the world in a tranquil garden setting with many historical buildings. For example, the aquarium was built in 1882. It features displays such as a coral reef system and an exciting peek under an Amsterdam canal.

The zoological museum and Insectarium, as well as the Planetarium, the nocturnal animal home, Insectarium Butterfly Pavilion, and Planetarium, are other highlights. The library houses an extensive collection of historical books, prints, artworks, and other materials.