Which flowers can you gift on Fathers Day?

What can be a better occasion than Father’s Day to show your dad your love and care, and pamper him like he always does for us? Instead of mundane gift ideas, give your dad a bouquet of garden-fresh flowers this year and express your appreciation for him!


Not many people know this but roses are known to be the official Father’s Day flowers. In many regions, children opt to wear roses themselves to express their love for their fathers. You can either wear one or have a bouquet prepared of blooming roses and send them to your dad’s workplace and make him feel loved! You can choose from a variety of eye-catching colors including red, pink, yellow, or simply your dad’s favorite color. And according to St. Louis florists, to honor a deceased dad, white roses are a perfect choice.


The vibrant yellow sunflowers are the second-most popular choice for Father’s Day! The bright yellow color symbolizes joy, admiration, and longevity. They express a pure and sincere kind of love. A bunch of sunflowers will instantly bring a smile to your father’s face and hence, they make the perfect ‘happy’ gifts! The best part is that they require very minimal effort to live and it’s very easy to take care of them. Irene’s Floral Design is one of the top St. Louis flower delivery services in the town who have a wide range of father’s day flowers.


Chrysanthemums are recognized as the most masculine flowers. These flowers are not just bold but also beautiful. They create a statement in every bouquet they are added to. Chrysanthemums symbolize long life, well-being, and happiness. To express your gratitude and appreciation for your dad, these flowers make a great choice. You can choose from a variety of colors including red, violet, and yellow.


Orchids are another incredible choice of flowers for Father’s Day. These gorgeous flowers are a great way to signify deep respect for your dad and to express how much you admire him. They are subtle yet spectacular. A bouquet of radiant orchids is assured to make your dad feel extremely special on this auspicious occasion. Yellow and purple orchids are one of the most popular picks! Looking for flower shops near Columbia MO? Try Irene’s Floral Design now!


You can never go wrong with the evergreen, gorgeous lilies! Lilies are known to symbolize purity, devotion, and love. An enchanting bouquet of fresh lilies is a great way to express your love and gratitude towards your dad. They are long-lasting and look stunning as a centerpiece as well. The most popular are the white lilies that signify innocent love. You can also choose from other colors including pink, red, orange, and yellow.


Anthuriums are a great way to convey your pure and sincere love toward your dad. These heart-shaped flowers look extremely delightful and are assured to bring joy and happiness to any surroundings they enter. They are not only exotic and pretty but are also known to carry good fortune. It is one of the most pleasant houseplants that your dad would love to keep in his room or at his workplace!


A bunch of bouncy hydrangeas symbolizes gratitude, grace, and sincere emotions. While hydrangeas look beautiful in all its colors, the most popular picks for Father’s Day are white, green, and purple hydrangeas. White hydrangeas are a sign of purity and thankfulness. Green hydrangeas are known to instill positive energies and symbolize prosperity, good health, and charm. Lastly, purple hydrangeas signify deep understanding.

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