Why Need Best Solar Power Battery Bank for Storage of Excess Power?

Solar power has become so popular in the USA that people are looking for all ways in which they can maximize the power generated from solar. This brings us to the question of the day; do you need batteries for your solar system? Yes and No. It all depends on the type of solar system in place and your location. Grid-tie solar systems may require or not require solar batteries, but for off-grid systems, it is a must to have a best solar power battery bank for storage of excess power generated during the day for night use. 

Below are some settings in which solar batteries can help and some in which the solar power battery bank is not needed or that important. 

Grid-Tied System

Most households use a lot of power early in the morning or late in the evening. At this time, a lot of power is utilized but less is generated from solar. As a result, the grid acts as a great energy backup system. So, when the sun is shining, you utilize energy from solar and when it is not, you use energy from the grid. This form of setup is referred to as a grid-tied system and it can be regarded as a great way of storing energy without requiring a battery. 

In this system, you might even produce more energy than you need and you can send the excess power back to the grid if you live in a state with net energy metering and get credit. This is just like storing the energy on the grid and using it later when the solar system is not producing enough power. The good news is that, even if you do not produce electricity, you can still draw power from the grid. 

Hybrid System

This type of system is great for people who live in places with unreliable power grids or in areas with a lot of natural disasters. The hybrid system usually features a battery bank and grid connection all functioning together. The batteries are utilized when the grid goes down and help you to fully maximize your solar. In cases where there is low solar power generation or if there is no power stored in batteries, the grid comes to your rescue by providing power. 

Off-Grid System

Last but not least we’ve got the off-grid solar power system. This system is usually installed in places that don’t have a utility grid. In this scenario, you will need a solar battery bank to help you store the excess power generated during the day for use at night or when there is no solar. With this system, you definitely need a solar battery for storing power to use later or you will be in the dark. 

Where the battery is of no use?

If you are okay with drawing power from the grid and not worried about power outages, then a battery may not be of help to you. As a matter of fact, a good number of power outages in the USA are fixed within a few hours, a day or two. 


If you want to install a solar power system and are undecided as to whether you should include the solar power battery bank or not, hope you have now got the answer.  But it all depends on the type of solar system that you want to put in place or where you’re located. 

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